Core Values

I Care Core Values


  • We act with honesty and uphold the highest ethical standards 
  • We respect and maintain confidentiality


Compassion & Collaboration

  • We demonstrate concern for those we serve and each other 
  • We treat everyone with sensitivity and empathy 
  • We build strong, inclusive and vibrant communities where no one feels alone
  • We cooperate toward common goals, while encouraging each others’ success 
  • We share thoughts, ideas and opinions in an open and respectful atmosphere 
  • We seek partnerships to meet our goals and those of the greater community


Accountability & Advocacy

  • We are responsible to those we serve, employ and to each other for our actions and their results 
  • We are accountable to our donors and are effective stewards of their investment in JSL 
  • We advocate for public policies that support older adults 
  • We bring together services to promote aging with dignity and choice that maximize independence



  • We show honor, consideration and kindness toward those we serve and each other
  • We embrace and appreciate diversity and are committed to fostering a sense of belonging for all
  • We strive for inclusion and equity for staff, residents and stakeholders



  • We provide outstanding residential communities and services 
  • We focus on continuous improvement through introspection and professional development 
  • We participate with leaders in our field to innovate and shape the future of aging services 
  • We support the personal growth and development of our residents 


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