FRIENDS of Jewish Senior Life

FRIENDS of Jewish Senior Life

Thank you for being a Friend!  FRIENDS of Jewish Senior Life has been supporting older adults since 1925.

FRIENDS is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for older adults by engaging residents and community members in volunteerism, outreach and fundraising in accordance with Jewish values, while providing funding to support diverse programming for JSL residents. FRIENDS plans annual fundraising events, engages hundreds of volunteers, collaborates with community partners, and provides excitement in our boutiques and bistros. In addition, FRIENDS provides gifts for new JSL residents, flowers, and other enrichments for JSL residents.


FRIENDS of Jewish Senior Life runs two boutiques, both located on the Eugene and Marcia Applebaum Jewish Community Campus in West Bloomfield. We carry fabulous apparel, gift items, jewelry, plush toys, Judaica, candy and so much more! Come visit us today! Proceeds benefit resident programs and services.



Located at Fleischman Residence/Blumberg Plaza
(Open Mon and Thur 11-2pm)


Located at Meer Apartments
(Open 1-3pm)



FRIENDS of Jewish Senior Life operates two café’s – Marvin’s Bistro located at Fleischman Residence/ Blumberg Plaza, and the Krolik Café located at Meer Apartments, both in West Bloomfield. 

Residents, family members, staff and community gather to enjoy food and friendship in our kosher fleishig (non-dairy) restaurants. Marvin’s Bistro is open Monday and Thursday 11am – 2pm and Krolik Café is open Tuesday and Thursday 11:30am – 1:30pm. They are volunteer run and proceeds benefit resident programs and services.


FRIENDS of Jewish Senior Life plans many exciting events during the year. We have Fashion Shows featuring our Boutique apparel and starring our residents as models; Lives Well Lived (our major annual fundraiser), Senior Dream Cruise, as well as many other functions that bring our residents, their families, volunteers, and the community together. Come join in on the fun! 

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