Senior Wellness Center

Our Wellness Centers are great places to stay fit, active and engaged!

We encourage residents to participate in an organized class, as exercising with a friend or partner will enhance your safety.

Located in the Hechtman II and Meer Apartments on the West Bloomfield campus, and at Teitel and Prentis Apartments on the Oak Park campus; our Wellness Centers are equipped with state-of-the art, senior-friendly fitness machines for a variety of workouts.

Did you know? Regular exercise improves balance and stability, increases strength and flexibility, enhances healing and function, boosts memory and brain health, increases energy, prevents bone loss and even helps manage chronic disease.

Senior Exercise Classes

We’re proud to offer classes to enhance everyday well-being of our residents, including:

  • Balancing exercises for seniors
  • Walking groups
  • Tai chi
  • Qigong
  • Yoga, including chair yoga
  • Meditation
  • Massage therapy
  • Mental exercises
  • Discussion groups
  • Nutrition classes
  • Aromatherapy

These classes have emotional benefits as well, educating and improving wellness for everyone. They provide socialization opportunities for our residents to visit with their friends while improving their overall health. All fitness levels are welcome, and classes are designed with modifications in mind.

3 Tips To A Consistent Exercise Routine

You know how good you feel after exercise. It helps your brain, your body, and helps you feel better. Here are 3 things Ned Specktor suggests you do to gain consistency in your exercise routine.

#1 Find an exercise that you love to do

Love dancing? Get out there and move. Love to swim, or walk outside? Do it! Find something you enjoy.

#2 Put it on your schedule

If it’s not on your schedule, it’s not real. Putting your exercise on your calendar makes it more intentional. Better yet, join one of the exercise classes offered at a JSL community!

#3 The power of accountability

Get an accountability partner to help you stay consistent with your exercise schedule. You won’t want to disappoint them, and that will help motivate you! Plus, exercising with a friend or partner will enhance your safety.

Why Should Senior Citizens Perform Balance Exercises?

No matter the cause, imbalance can lead to serious falls and injuries. Most senior citizens can benefit from doing special exercises to build and maintain good balance. In addition to reducing the odds that a senior will fall, balance exercises can also help seniors fall more gracefully to help prevent serious injury.

There are a number of balance exercises for seniors, but what is appropriate for each individual varies from person to person. The type of exercise depends on the strength, stamina, and flexibility of each individual.

We provide Tai Chi and gentle yoga classes that are popular for many residents. Just about any exercise that builds strength, flexibility, or endurance will also build balance, so we encourage our residents to have fun and participate in activities they enjoy.

For our residents who enjoy golf at the nearby courses, balance exercises help improve the control over their swing, improving their golf game.

All-Around Senior Wellness

Here at JSLMI, we value the overall health and well-being of our residents. In addition to the physical exercise classes offered at our facilities, we offer mental wellness activities. These include meditation, massage therapy, mental exercise, discussion groups, nutrition classes, and aromatherapy. While these may be less physical than the exercise classes offered, they’re just as important to maximize our quality of life.

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