Jewish Community Chaplaincy and Outreach

Jewish Community Chaplaincy and Outreach

With the help of many volunteers, 110 + seniors in over 8 nearby facilities, we are able to enjoy Rosh Hashanah, Chanukah & Passover, often with family in attendance. For many, they do not know if they would be saying the ha-motzi over the matzo or singing Dayenu for Passover. They are not sure if they would hear the sound of the shofar or hear Kol Nidre. Why? These Jewish seniors are living in facilities that do not offer their own Jewish programming. This is the Jewish Chaplaincy Program’s mission, serving the most vulnerable and isolated Jewish older adults and also reaching out to Jewish residents living in assisted living, memory care and independent living communities in the Detroit Metro area. The Jewish holidays heighten the need for outreach and thus the rewards of our participation is heightened as well. Throughout the year we also visit many Jewish residents, where we do sing-a-longs, play lots of Jewish bingo and bring lots of smiles and laughter to many.

Dial in for a special Shabbat Shalom Weekly message from Rabbi Dovid Polter.

Dial 1-605-313-4107, provide this access code: 270368 #

Listen for recent message and hit # again.

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