Education Presentation: The Inside Scoop About Jewish Senior Life


Residents and members of the JSL leadership team gave the ‘inside scoop’ about Jewish Senior Life Thursday, January 12.

Facilitated by Director of Residential Marketing and Community Relations Tracey Proghovnick, this educational presentation provided insight on tips and resources about LIVING at JSL. “When considering making a move to a community, it’s so important to hear from those who have already made the choice to live and work there,” Proghovnick said. “The real experiences that are shared provide guidance and comfort during a time of transition and change.”

Guest speaker Hechtman resident Roz Rogers said, “So many programs are available. Moving here was the best decision I’ve made, it’s terrific.”

Meer resident, guest speaker and President of the Resident Council Nancy Kalef adds, “Everything is available here. JSL is the best place to be. It is safe and we feel loved.”

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