Often when older adults reflect on their lives, they recall moments of joy, loss, discovery and hope. They live and they learn. There are details of losing a parent or sibling, or the pride of doing good things for others. Some recall successes and failures. Some are born into busy and thriving communities and spend their childhoods growing up there and making a life.  They attended school, then college/university, they married, had children and settled down. They built successful careers and stepped up, contributing to their community. And many enjoy the blessings of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. This is the world of the Eight Over 80 Honorees.

During videotaped interviews with each honoree, they reflected on what were the key elements to making a life. Sometimes it’s mazel-luck.  Sometimes it’s Gd’s intervention for an individual or a family and their survival. Many say the key to a successful life is to find a partner who walks with you every step of the way. When the loss of that partner occurs, the joy and love they held in their arms continues to live in their hearts, propelling them onward to their next chapters. The eight honorees are incredible survivors of life and teachers to us all because they live with a sense of purpose. Their lives make a difference and continue to do so for their families and our community.

This past Tuesday, the newest Eight Over 80 Honorees gathered at Meer Apartments for a festive “Getting to Know You” luncheon and met with the eight terrific juniors from Frankel Jewish Academy, along with their proud parents. These talented and bright students will continue to interview the Honorees and write their stories which will be featured prominently in the Ad Journals for the 31st Annual Eight Over 80 Tikkun Olam Awards fundraiser, May 19th at Congregation Shaarey Zedek.

In the interviews with their student partners, the honorees reflect on the key elements that made their lives memorable, fulfilling and instructive for all of us. They share lessons and wisdom they have accumulated over the decades. They tell their stories about overcoming adversity and how they made lemonade from sometimes bitter lemons. The eight are incredible survivors of life and they have instructive, inspiring and entertaining stories to share. The generational rapport between the eight honorees and Frankel student will be obvious and a high point of the gala luncheon. I hope you will join us. Invitations will be mailed in April.

Shabbat Shalom.

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  • Laura E. Levine Gumina /

    “Woman of Valor: A novel about identity, infidelity, true love and shedding the need to please others”

    Is it possible to read this in one of our JSL libraries?

    The thought of not needing to please others is very inviting.

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