The Brown Center Arts Programs

Brown Center Arts Programs

The Brown Center Arts Programs

By Jo Strausz Rosen

Weekly art classes at The Dorothy & Peter Brown Jewish Community Adult Day Program are led by artist and teacher, Marci Bykat, who has been a vendor with the Brown Program since 2017. Additional classes are led by Brown Center staff, Terra Gillette who joined the team in June 2022. Jennifer Kellman, Brown Center Site Supervisor says, “The Brown Center offers art classes as more than just creating, they are also an opportunity for socialization and engagement. Art is more about the journey, the creating rather than the final product. Our classes focus on creative self-expression, producing a sense of calm, and empowering the participants to make independent choices.

Marci Bykat says that art gives people a chance to revise their own self-identity and reimagine how they see themselves, their abilities, and their potential.  Her deep passion for art led her to appreciate working with older adults at JSL and says, “Empowering participants to express themselves in a variety of ways, makes a huge impact, being able to show their inner selves is a blessing and a way to connect.”  At the end of class, people’s work is shared allowing everyone to see the unique qualities of each piece, and the beauty of individuality.

Terra Gilette said, “I love guiding our participants through the creative process, because even though we all start with the same example piece for inspiration, everyone’s perspective comes to life through their artwork. It’s such a beautiful way for them to express themselves. I look forward to every class.”

If you care for someone living with dementia, The Dorothy & Peter Brown Jewish Community Adult Day Program is a unique and special place in our community you can count on. There are two locations both in West Bloomfield and in Southfield.


For more information contact Southfield at 248-233-4392 or West Bloomfield

at 248-592-5032

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