As Good As It Gets

As Good As It Gets

By Jo Strausz Rosen

I want to take a moment this week to give a shout out to my colleagues at Jewish Senior Life. Whether they take care of the building, the residents, or the administrative aspects of the agency, they all share an inspiring level of interest in our older adults and dedication to their work. They arrange frequent team meetings (often on Zoom) to discuss essential needs of our residents. They collaborate about best practices for making our agency fiscally responsible and available to all who need us. They poll residents and staff for their opinions about all aspects of living here. They incorporate advice from our sister agencies and expertise from colleagues at other senior residential communities around the country. They check in with each other and involve our volunteers and families in our community.

Everyone is determined to keep JSL at the forefront of our field, providing excellence in programs, and services, dining and wellness programs, arts and entertainment and guidance in the field of aging.  We employ so many good people with big hearts who champion our cause and engage in honest, intelligent, and robust dialogues about how JSL can continue to be the premier community for our Greatest Generation.

There’s a scene in the movie As Good As It Gets where Helen Hunt has had it with Jack Nicholson’s boorish behavior and is about to leave the restaurant after yet another insult. Through gritted teeth she demands, “Say something nice to me and make it good!” He knows that this is his last chance. He agonizes, squirms, and finally offers, “You make me want to be a better man.”

This is how our whole staff makes me feel about my work at JSL. And it’s how they make each other feel. For YOU, our community, and for our beloved residents – we all want to be better employers, better employees, and better humans. We want to tackle the toughest challenges with responsibility and accountability. We want to serve as role models for others who care for our aging population. We want to innovate and shape the future of aging services as we support and celebrate the personal growth and development of our residents.

We want to be better so JSL will always be the residential community where you and your loved ones choose to live. And that goes far beyond being the only kosher residence in Michigan. Every day, I see our staff bringing our core values to life, serving with compassion, integrity, and respect, demonstrating concern for those they serve and each other. Their sensitivity and empathy are the cornerstone of our strong, inclusive, and vibrant communities. Every day, I witness honor, consideration, and kindness toward those we serve and each other. And I just wanted to take this moment to shine a spotlight on the culture of inspiration we all enjoy at JSL.

Shabbat Shalom

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