Trauma & Mental Health

what drives you

What Drives You?

WHAT DRIVES YOU? By Jo Strausz Rosen Do you ever reminisce about childhood road trips with your family? My life 
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Sorting Through Confusion

Sorting Through Confusion By Jo Strausz Rosen How many times have we said aloud, “Oh no, not again,” as we 
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Comfort By Jo Strausz Rosen Another horrible day in the life of America captured repeatedly in the news. We are 
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Happiness By Jo Strausz Rosen Dr. Betsy Stone, PhD, felt waves of joy and pleasure being with people in a 
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  Rituals By Jo Strausz Rosen What are the rituals we create to commemorate the important milestones in our lives? 
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How We Heal

How We Heal By Jo Strausz Rosen In the 4th installment in a series on trauma, Dr. Betsy Stone reveals 
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Post Traumatic Growth

Post Traumatic Growth By Jo Strausz Rosen This week JSL staff attended Therapy Session #2 with Betsy Stone, PhD. She 
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Trauma, Peace and Jewish Spirituality

Trauma, Peace and Jewish Spirituality By Jo Strausz Rosen This week JSL staff participated in the first of a 3-part 
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