The purpose of giving Tzedakah is to sanctify ourselves and to help us lead more elevated and spiritual lives. Giving Tzedakah provides for someone else’s physical needs. It has been said, we are measured not so much by what we buy, but by what we give.  One doesn’t need to say a blessing before the mitzvah of giving Tzedakah. But please know this… Every time a letter with a check enclosed arrives on my desk, or an email dings on my computer indicating a gift has been received from a stock transfer or designation from a Philanthropic fund, I say a blessing to Gd on your behalf. 

As children we remember the precious coins in our Tzedakah boxes that we counted, added up and brought to Sunday School to support the charities we chose.  The tradition continues and for this we are grateful. 

Many of you, your parents and grandparents have been donors to Jewish Senior Life for decades and continue to support us for many reasons. Ultimately, you donate because you care about the people we serve. In memory of the Bubbies and Zaydes we knew and loved, we continue to give Tzedakah and by giving we make a difference now in the lives of the older adults living at JSL. 

We are grateful to all the volunteers, board and committee members, family, staff and residents who continue to enrich our lives. We count on our community to stay actively involved. We are grateful to all who support essential programs and activities that help our residents to thrive and live comfortably with peace of mind as they age in a warm and supportive community.   Generous donations to subsidize kosher meals for our residents help make them stronger in body and soul.   

Wealth cannot be measured in dollars alone. Wealth is not just a source of generosity.  Our contributors’ generosity enriches their souls, and the more we give, the richer we feel.  

Additionally, our JSL donors give generously to meet the communities’ needs locally and abroad in Israel.  Many of you have supported JSL’s numerous projects assisting those in need, and provided additional support for inspiring programs, services and capital upgrades in our communities. Every contribution makes an impact, and we are grateful to each of you. 

Since 1907, when Jacob Levin zl incorporated the Jewish Old Folks Home, our community made plans to care for the welfare of its older adults, and we are proud to continue that legacy today.  Jewish Senior Life offers Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care, Adult Day Programs and live in residential communities with outstanding programs and services delivered with the highest level of care, respect and dignity to persons of all backgrounds, faiths and beliefs.  

JSL is dedicated to helping older adults live their best lives. Because of YOU, we are able to continue our mission.   

Shabbat Shalom.


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