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Honoree & Student Introductions – Eight Over Eighty 2022

By Jo Strausz Rosen

Yesterday JSL introduced the eight over eighty honorees to eight Frankel Jewish Academy students who will interview them for our 29th Annual Eight Over Eighty Event that takes place May 22 at Noon on Zoom.  We explained our JSL mission to all present including the parents of the students, the students themselves, the friends and children and grandchildren of the honorees and our incredible planning committee with co-chairs, including JSL staff. Through Zoom technology, we met and learned about amazing older adults and their lives and backgrounds. And we learned about the students who have larger than life resumes at Frankel. Sometimes when you’re Zooming, the Wi-Fi goes out and your voice fades, or your screen freezes… or you forget to introduce someone, or somebody talks too much and interrupts someone already talking, and you can’t hear what was said and then you realize the love fest has begun and then it’s over too soon….

Our honorees know and respect each other. In the coming weeks we will be filming Shirley Benyas, Charles Danto, Dr. Joe Jacobson, Sophie Klisman, Rene Lichtman, Jerry Soble, Rae Sharfman and Sylvia Starkman and they all have compelling stories to share.  The Frankel students, Allison Feldman, Merrick Michaelson, Caleb Robbins, Erin Grey, Zion Rozin, Ben Taylor Abt, Aliyah Lofman and Erin Starr will be forging new relationships with their honorees and will enjoy gathering facts and stories about each. And during those meetings, friendships will be made.

Stay tuned for more good stories, photos, and news regarding Eight Over Eighty.


Eight Over Eighty Quiz

Which honoree at the age of 9 delivered milk from a wagon in his neighborhood?

Which honoree shoveled the snow and mowed the lawn of author Phillip Roth?

Which honoree starred in A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas?

Which honoree drives a pickup truck to work every day at the age of 91?

Which honoree is a Senior Olympian?

Which honoree worked to send children of Chernobyl to Israel for treatment?

Which honoree raised money for the Jewish AIDS Coalition with his art?

Which honoree wrote the libretto for a children’s opera?

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