We observed the holiday of Shavuot this past week. This holiday commemorates the 6th day of the Hebrew month of Sivan in the year 2448 of the Jewish calendar, (equivalent to 1313 BCE.) On this day, the Israelites received the Torah from G-d at Mt. Sinai. Rabbi Jonathan Sacks of blessed memory once said, “even though women are not commanded to learn Torah, at Mt. Sinai, G-d told Moses to give the Torah to the women first, before the men.”

Known as the Law of Truth, passages in the Torah say about women, “Her mouth opens with wisdom, and the law of lovingkindness is on her tongue.” The Hebrew word, Chessed means lovingkindness. Rabbi Sacks said, “Chessed is always spoken before Emet – Truth. Women’s voices representing lovingkindness, can lead us to righteousness if we listen.

It is no coincidence that this simple truth about kindness was shared many times this week as JSL Fleischman resident, 109-year-old Rachel Fox, became a national celebrity on television, in the news and the subject of dozens of newspaper articles and Internet posts when we celebrated her special birthday. Rachel’s secret to life is simple, “Be Kind.” When we share kindness, others respond in kind. Rachel continues to share kindness with everyone she meets. Her beautiful spirit makes a difference in the world.

Jewish Senior Life is grateful to our staff who treat our residents with kindness. And we are proud of all our JSL residents and enjoy celebrating with them every moment of joy that we can. May you find kindness wherever you walk, and may you be kind to everyone you meet.

Shabbat Shalom.

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